Our Unique Approach

We’ve developed a four-step process proven to effectively build brands … one that we’ve successfully applied to grow some of the most recognized consumer brands in the world that have an immense affinity with their customers.  This process identifies the key insights you need to know to grow your brand and subsequently, the optimal mix of communication that endears consumers to your brand and drives sales:

Our Model

Step 1:  Position Your Brand Effectively – How do you want your customers to perceive your brand relative to your competition?  Defining this in a clear, concise way from which all your messaging flows may be the most important step in the process.

Step 2:  Understand How Your Target Shops Your Category – The way we shop has radically changed; how consumers learn and evaluate brands, how they decide what to buy, and how they experience and engage with brands after purchase is a multi-channel process that McKinsey & Company refers to as the Consumer Decision Journey. And it’s different for every category. Once you understand the CDJ for your category, then we’re able to determine the moments in the process that matter most.

Step 3:  Identify the Best Ways to Reach Your Target – Based on how your target customer shops your category and your budget, you can now align your marketing against those stages of the CDJ that will make a difference. We determine the best combination of new and traditional means to engage with your customers at the influential touch-points identified in Step 2 to build relationships and make consumers want to connect with your brand.  Note, Steps 2 and 3 can be done concurrently with Step 1.

Step 4:  Develop and Provide Content that Endears Them to Your Brand – You know what you want to communicate via your Brand Positioning. You’ve identified the best ways to reach your target based on how they shop your category. Now we’re ready to develop content that will have a positive impact, and do so in a consistent, integrated way that tells your story wherever consumers interact with your brand.


Our approach provides two clear benefits:

  1. You are able to interrupt, influence and engage your target more effectively because you’re communicating your unique, relevant message at the right times, and
  2. You are able to spend your precious marketing dollars much more efficiently because you’re allocating them to the places where they will have the most impact (and not spending on efforts that don’t).

For these reasons, our model is the template to not just maximize sales, but truly build your brand; an approach that we know when done right delivers exceptional results.  Let us apply it to help you navigate the complexity of understanding, attracting and retaining your customers, to use the right forms of engagement effectively, and to sway perception and drive action … to BUILD AFFINITY!


Learn more about each step in our process – how we apply our unique approach to building brands:  Our Expertise

Of course, our model is only one aspect that makes us different from others you may have worked with.  See all the ways we’re different that contribute to our success.

How We’re Different
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